Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Before and Afterish Photos

We aren't completely done with our diet, but we are nearing the end of our weight loss part of the plan. As we approached this part of the diet, I started to look through photos of myself from before the diet and it was hard for me to see a difference. I know I lost weight, I know I have gained a new sense of food and how to make better decisions on what I put in my body. But it was just hard for me to see the difference.

So today I finally emailed my coach and asked to see the before photos she took of me the day before we started our journey. She took a front view and a side view. So I asked Jameson to take both a front view and a side view of me today so I could compare. And I gotta say, now I can see the difference!

So, here we go!

Photos below taken November 29, 2011:

Below photos taken February 1, 2012:

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Tara said...

You look great! You can totally tell that you have lost! GOOD FOR YOU!!