Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween 2011

This was our 4th year trick or treating in cold Illinois. It also marked the 4th anniversary me meeting our good friends, the Traficantes, and the beginning of playdates with our kiddos.

This year I decided to dress up a little so I snagged some Minnie Mouse ears and gloves from Disney World the last time we went - it was pretty fun!

Kian decided to be a Red Power Ranger - Samurai this year - yeah I know, those of you without boys Kian's age are wondering what in the world that's pretty much a super hero :)

Our quest to find this costume was not an easy one. Kian only wanted to be the Red Power Ranger. It had to be Samurai and it had to have a sword.

After looking online, I saw that the costume did not come with the sword so our mission was set. We hopped in the car and set out for the nearest store in search of the Power Ranger Samurai Sword. It's a mission that could not have been completed without Kian since I have little knowledge of the Power Rangers in general and the sword had to be specific.

On our first stop we found the costume in his size, sans sword. Even though Kian *needed* the sword I decided to get the costume anyway figuring it could always be returned. Then we were off to our next stop. Where does one go to find a very specific toy? Yep, Toys R Us. After a quick look through the aisles in the boys section and a lot of redirecting of Kian (we had to complete our mission before perusing the rest of the toys!) we finally found the Power Ranger area. Kian pointed to a toy and said that was the sword. After asking him if he was for sure that this was the right sword and his final answer being - "yes, mom!" *sigh* I knew our mission was over. Then it was on to looking through the rest of the toys. And upon coming home the sword went in the closet with the costume until All Hallows Eve.

This year I think Kian hauled in the most candy he's ever had! And he of course had a blast ToTing with his friends - and also ToTing around the Volition offices (which was where the Power Ranger was most recognized).

And as for myself, I had a blast not only walking along with Kian while he ToTed but also making Halloween goodies for Cream and Flutter.

Here is my handy work! I frosted all the vanilla "jack o cakes" and the "orange and black" cakes (they have orange frosting piped in the center before being dipped in chocolate ganache) as well as the pumpkin sugar cookies. I also made the black and orange sprinkles!!! (The fondant was done by the owners of the store - so I can't claim that). But I am pretty proud of the yummy treats I helped make for others to enjoy :)


Priscilla Rynning said...

Did you see our pink witch and Obi Wan Kenobi?? I made Madelyn's costume and Paige and I put together Simon's (she looked at Target and only found a REALLY cheezy Luke Skywalker, so.......a shirt I made for Peter in 1976 for Bicentennial, a pair of my capris, a robe from Goodwill that we dyed brown, a pair of slipper boots and VOILA! Obi Wan Kenobi. I had purchased a light saber awhile back which was just right!!!!

Priscilla Rynning said...

Oh, by the way, your cupcakes are really, really cute!!! If we lived closer, I'd proably weigh 500 lbs!!!! LOL