Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Christmas and Kian's New Tricks (or lack there of)

Christmas is Right Around the Corner!

Jamie and I bought a beautiful fake tree this year. It is so pretty! I sure do miss the smell of a fresh pine but I don’t miss the needles or the hives I get from the pokes of pine needles (ouch!) It was so neat to go through our ornaments and think about each one and when we got it. Right in the middle front hangs our “Parents to Be” ornament that someone gave us last year as a gift. It’s hard to imagine that I was pregnant at this time last year! In fact on December 22 of last year we found out that Kian was a boy and gave him a name :)

We are very excited for Kian’s first Christmas. We will travel down to my Aunt Lori and Uncle David’s place and on the 23rd my parents will fly in! Randy will be meeting Kian for the first time and I am very excited for that :) My grandparents will also make their way over from Arizona (they are snowbirds) for Christmas and they will see Kian for the first time too. It will be a pretty exciting time for all of us. Christmas Eve will be quite a busy time because not only will we have all the before mentioned people but we will also have my cousin Allison and her husband and one-year-old daughter, Camlyn joining us :) It will be a packed place! But we are looking forward to it!

Look What I Can Do, Mom!

Well, Kian has found out a new trick. He can make himself throw up anything food that I give him that he doesn’t like. He will gag until what he doesn’t like is out if his mouth and usually everything else I just fed him follows. At first I would just say, “No” in a panicked tone when he would start to gag but I figured out if I sing to him and or shake a toy at him it distracts him enough to keep his food down. I also found out that smaller bites and the first taste of food – no matter what it is – he will gag. He really needs everything I give him so it has been a frustrating week or two dealing with Kian and his new trick.

Kian’s Weight

Kian’s weight is on its way up! I weighed him today and he was up about 4 ounces from last week. I will still be weighing him every week just to make sure he’s doing well – we are going every other week to Dr. Bravo so he can monitor his weight too.

Rolling Over

Kian has discovered that if he wants a toy that’s out of reach he can roll from back to front to get it. He does know how to roll back over onto his back but for some reason he seems to have forgotten it over the last week! I have no idea how this happened or why but he will stay on his belly until he cries and cries. I try not to help him unless he cries a lot so he will try to do it on his own.

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