Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Kian gained weight!

Kian gained 6 ounces this week! He weights 15-7 (which is below the 5% for weight). This is the first weight we have had since he has been on whole milk and having Yo Baby yogurt as well. It was great to see the gain :)

Kian was also tested for anemia – I guess they do this test for all babies that are 9 months of age and his iron was very low so is on an Iron supplement again. They suggested Fer-in-Sol but we already had some of a different brand at home that they said would work. We were giving him the iron supplement after he got out of the hospital.

We also talked to the Dr. about having tests done anyway for CF and growth hormone deficiency and he actually said he was going to suggest it anyway. He wants to do it in March because they get more accurate tests in older babies plus he wants him to have more weight on him and he suspects he will be close to 16lbs by next week!

They are going to test for CF here in town. I guess they are going to do a DNA test first and then if CF shows up they will do a sweat test. The Dr. doesn’t think he has it but feels we need to rule it out as a possibility.

Anyway, that’s what is happening here with us! Kian’s a little cranky now…not sure if it’s from the shot and the toe prick he had today…he usually doesn’t cry unless there is something wrong. Right now in his Jumperoo having a grand time hehe

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Pam McRae said...

Our prayers are still with Kian and Mommy and Daddy. All things are possible with God. Stay strong. He's rediculously cute!! :)