Monday, February 07, 2005

Sleeping through the night and waiting for weight check


That was the first time ever! I didn’t get much sleep as I am used to him waking up and needing me so I was worried about him breathing and stuff hehe He has been waking up and putting himself back to sleep lately too. It’s been SO nice that we don’t have to go in to comfort him! Not to mention, he’s showing me that he doesn’t need me to feed him in the middle of the night now. I am wondering if it’s because he’s getting more calories from the whole milk and Yo Baby Yogurt that I have been giving him. (Yo Baby is made with whole milk and is organic). Whatever it is I am just happy that he’s doing much better at night and hopefully I will be able to get some sleep soon too :)

Weight….waiting and wondering…

I am really curious as to what Kian weighs now after being on whole milk. I sure hope it’s made a difference! He doesn't take much from a sippy cup but I knew he probably wouldn't seeing that he won't take much of my milk in it either. I am continuing to breastfeed but a lot of times I don't have anything to give him so I offer him the sippy with whole milk. I can’t believe the weight that has been taken off of my shoulders with the introduction on whole milk! I am not as stressed as I used to be because I know that if I don’t have enough to give him there is another source that he will accept and his belly is ok with. Even so, Kian does get a good meal of breast milk in the morning (seeing he’s pretty much cut out eating at night) and he gets at least another good one sometime during the day…usually after he wakes up from his afternoon nap.

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