Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Ok, so this morning I woke up and realized that all I did was complain about the move but didn’t even say anything positive about it! Yesterday was not a good day for any of us and because I have a tendency to think of things as the glass is half empty instead of half full it makes it hard to see through lots of things going wrong.

First of all, good news is that Kian is feeling MUCH better! I didn’t get a chance to post about it, but Kian had a really, really bad cold to the point where we had to visit the Dr. and I was afraid we would end up in the ER. It was really bad. Gratefully, the Ped said we arrived on the worst day of the cold and the next day his fevers were gone and his cough wasn’t as much. Now he’s not really coughing at all and when he does it sounds productive.

Kian is also enjoying his new play area downstairs. My smart husband was able to get our gats to work on the stairs in a safe way and has kept Kian from going up there unless we are with him. He loves the stairs and is such a little daredevil! We have to watch him close.

There are so many positives to this place. Of course number is one is that WE OWN IT lol! This place also has more light than any other place we have lived in since we moved to California. This place also has more sound damper which makes watching a movie at a normal volume ok – before we had to turn it way down and have subtitles on! Kian would wake up because he could hear a phone ringing on TV in his room.

Downside for us right now is that Jamie went back to work today so this is the first I am on my own trying to unpack everything. Also, when I went to bed I started to feel like I had a sore throat and now I am starting to feel a bit run down. I think I am catching what Kian had.

The good thing is that we can unpack at our own pace without time constraints….although I want to get it done as quickly as possible.

Well, speaking of unpacking, I should really get back to it.!

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Jamey R. said...

YAH! Congrats - hope you are all unpacked now... it's the 17th now -and I am just getting around to reading this - ha! can't wait to see some pictures soon I hope!!