Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Murphy's Law....

This post is going to be one huge complaint....just a warning that griping will follow in case you don't want to read it.

We love our new place, but man it's hard moving with a two year old! Not to mention, we have had a few things - important things break or need fixing.

First, right before we moved (most of our stuff was gone from the rental condo) the Tivo was acting up. That is my lifesaver for me when I have to give Kian breathing treatments that can last up to 20 mins (the kid won't sit still for 2 mins let along 20). Also, because of Tivo we have a ton of Blue's Clues recorded along with other toddler type shows that Kian enjoys....I was counting on having those shows so I could actually unpack stuff. The two hour nap Kian takes (if that) is not enough time for me to do a whole lot. SO, the Tivo is broken and Jamie called they are sending us a replacement and we send the broken one back to them. Which is nice...but it takes about 7-10 days shipping time for the freaking thing to get here bleh! Let me tell you, Kian has a limited amount of DVD's that we have located and I am about to try to go somewhere to pick a few more up.

Cabinets - well don't get me started there. They are the originals (built in 1983) which doesn't bother me because they have been painted over and given nice drawer pulls. The thing that is so aggravating is the fact that I have 5 drawers that barely fit anything and two HUGE spaces in the cabinets below that has a 1 ft by 1.5 ft access to either shelf. That shelf is so big and so hard to reach that I couldn't even clean most of it. It's usless space. bleh! So, now I am trying to weed through some things and figure out what can go on the shelf the tallest man in the world could reach on a step ladder and what needs to go to charity.

Our washer.....We didn't use our washer and dryer over the last year because our condo had them included and were in a very tight space....no biggy - they sat in the garage of where we were renting from. Today Jamie goes to start it up to only find that the spin action won't happen. We have to get Sears out here to fix it - can't come until Friday and will charge us $70 JUST to make an assessment on it! MAN! This washer is only 3 years old and I loved it!! So, we are hoping it won't cost much to repair or we will have to search for a new one and ASAP as I thought I would be able to do laundry when we got here so now we are even limited on clean linens, clothes and other things.......

It's Murphy's Law....when you don't want to spend a lot of money you end up spending it on things you thought worked in the first place. Thank GOD I made a good chunk of cash on ebay selling stuff we didn't need or want anymore. Although, we did spend that all TODAY on things we needed for the new house.

I'm sick of boxes. Sick of how nasty some areas of this house was left in by the previous owners. And sick of things going wrong :(

This evening when we went to dinner (we can't even get our chairs into our dining room yet and I have nothing to make meals with) I heard the song "Stuck in a Moment" by U2 playing in the background. It reminded me that this is all "just a moment, this time will pass" Man, I need to remind myself of that more than ever right now lol

Ok, I'm done ranting for now lol I just needed to get that all out. BACK TO UNPACKING!

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