Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Two, Eight, Nine!

That's how Kian's counting now lol! He can count to three (although I'm sure only mommy and daddy would understand it) but now he's saying two, eight, nine lol Maybe one and three are just too hard to say so he's replacing them with other numbers ;)

Ok, mommy brag time....Kian can identify the WHOLE alphabet! Yep! We have foam letters in the bath and he knows all their names (although X is not one he will say - guess it's too hard). But we are proud of our little man identifing letters even outside his bath.

He's also started saying "where is _____?" and then "There it is!" It's so cute!!! :)

Oh, and he's also become quite the climber. He can now climb on top of our couch and annoy the cat while she sits on the stairs right behind the couch and just out of reach lol He has also started using his kitchen/grill set as a climbing station which gives mommy a heart attack at times but I figure he's a boy and as long as he doesn't do that on my countertop in the kitchen I'm ok with it lol

On another note, we are fairing the hot weather well in our air conditioned home. It's been in the 110's this last week! So, we haven't been out of the house much. today seems cooler at about 87 degrees at 10:30AM and if it stays fairly cool we might head out to the play area in our complex this afternoon.

Other than that, no big news here! We are really enjoying our new house and are very, very happy with it!

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