Monday, November 27, 2006

Cars - The Movie

Kian has a new love. The Disney/Pixar Cars. Before we left for our big trip for Thanksgiving, we bought him the movie and planned to let him start watching it on the trip. Well, he watched it a few times in the car and this morning he asked to watch it – for the SECOND time just now! This is the first movie he’s actually sat down and watched (well for the most part) during the slower parts of the movie he plays with his toys but the exciting parts he actually sits down and watches. I think that we will be able to take him to the theater the next time a good movie for him comes out :)

Right now I am trying to do some researching into different toys related to the movie. Kian enjoys playing with his cars more than anything else in his toy box and since the movie is well…cars I think he will love them :)

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Erin said...

Andrew loves the movie as well. You may want to go on E-Bay to look for the McDonald's Happy Meal Toys for Cars. The set is really neat and the cars are large enough that little hands can easily manipulate it and play.

I got the whole set not too long ago and Andrew has not stopped playing with it.

Just a suggestion :)

btw..Andrew's favorite is Lighting McQueen, but when he says the name you can't understand anything other than McQueen. It really is cute.