Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kian Visits Santa

Well, Kian met Santa today. Our track record with Santa is now 1.5 out of 4 lol I say 1.5 because when he was 7 months he was cool with Santa and every other year after that he has screamed bloody murder when we it was our turn to see Santa.

This year we were headed down the same road. Thankfully we saw Santa on a weekday so he could take time to talk to Kian. Jamie brought him over to sit on Santa’s lap and Kian yelled “Let’s go that way!!” Well, Santa came down to Kian with a candy cane and a temporary tattoo. Kian said thankyou and then pulled out his “list” that we made this morning (we cut out pictures of toys Kian wanted and put them on some notebook paper). Santa took the list and pointed out some of the trucks and talked to Kian about them. Then he took Kian’s hand and brought him around his little area and showed him the stuffed animals that were decorating the area. He then had Kian sit on his big chair! We FINALLY got a photo with a half smile from my Kian with Santa standing right next to him :)

So, this is the only photo we got this year, but it’s a good one and definitely a great memory for us all :)

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