Monday, February 04, 2008

We Officially have a Preschooler In The House!!!!

This morning I called and cancelled our Mommy and Me class so that we could enroll Kian in preschool two half days a week :)

All weekened long Kian was talking to me about class. He asked if we could go to class EVERY morning he wakes up and if we get in the car to go somewhere, he asks if we are going to class. He loved it!

The original plan was for us to go to Mommy and Me until the session was over in the middle of March. But Kian thrived so much on Friday that we decided to cancel the class and enroll him on Wednesdays at preschool.

I am so excited for him and really Kian is too :) So it's official...Kian is a preschooler!!

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