Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We are Bug Free!!!

Well, our house is bug free!!! Well, if the stomach bug anyway lol Kian happily returned to preschool today.

Kian's teacher did a tested each kid indiviually on how ready they are for kindergarten. Kian excelled everything! She has yet to do the writing test, but we know that is something he needs to work on. She is trying to see where each kid is at to see what they need to work on.

While Kian was at school I was able to do a lot of running around and prep work for Kian's party on Saturday. Since I had been playing nurse for about a week, the house was a wreck and there were a lot of things that needed attending to :P We have a pretty busy rest of the week - but I am SUPER excited for Kian! He knows he's having a party but I dn't think he knows how many people will be here :) It's going to be a good time :)

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