Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kian's 5 Year Check Up

Today I took Kian to get his physical for kindergarten.

He weighs 36.8 lbs and is 41" tall. I'm not sure where that falls on the growth curve but I am betting it all falls right where it always has for our skinny mini ;)

I wasn't sure if he needed any immunizations or not. Well, I was informed he was going to get 4! Yikes! so I told Kian about them. He did awesome until he got the MMR which apparently hurts like a son of a ..... Then he had to get a lead test at the lab - they prick the finger and squeeze out blood. When we got home i gave him some Motrin and tried to give him some Oreos - which he said he wouldn't eat. Needless to say, Kian is not at all in a good mood. I have tried everything to cheer him up, hugs, food, talking....nfinally I just had to leave him be.

Three hours later he has emerged from his room and asked to watch WallE. I feel so bad for him :( Hopefully he's in a much better mood tomorrow since Granna, Papaw, and Christopher Race are coming to visit!


Gina said...

FOUR?! Holy Cow! Nin didn't get any - but she did get four at her 4 y/o well-child visit. Did he get a DTaP booster? If so, watch it. Nin never reacted to the DTaP when she was a baby, but the injection site swelled like crazy when she got it last year. Hugs to you and him!!! :(

Sarah said...

Yikes! Thanks for the heads up, Gina! He did get the DTaP yesterday. Poor guy :(