Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Grandad and Nan Have Arrived :)

Jamie's Dad (Rod) and Step-Mom (Nancy) arrived on Sunday, September 12th in the afternoon from Lexington, KY. We went to McLintock's for steaks soon after they got here. Kian did wonderfully especially because we were out about an hour or two past his bed time! He had several night wakings that night but I figured that was to be expected with a visit from people he is meeting for the first time and being out so late.

Monday, September 13th

Kian had a Dr.'s appointment with Dr. Bravo. Dr. Bravo said that Kian is doing very well! His weight was 11lbs. 12 oz. (although the nurse wrote that down wrong on the sheet we bring home with us - she wrote that he was 11lbs. 2oz.). I have calculated that the weight that he really is lies in the 10th percentile (the nurse marked the wrong one as being in the 5%). Dr. Bravo told us that he was not concerned at all because I am a short person and Kian just might be short as well. I sure hope he's not too short! Nancy works is a dietitian and works in the NICU at a hospital in Lexington said that he is definitely growing well according to her calculations as for weight he gains per day - and she used the 11lbs. 2oz. number. Having another person confirm it was encouraging :) Kian has chub on his legs and he's certainly not skin and bones so I feel confident in what the Dr. thinks as well - he called the weight to my attention so that I would not be alarmed. I might even give a call over to the office to have Kian reweighed to make sure that it's all correct in his charts.

We were given the green light to start solids if we think he's ready. I have really been watching for signs that he is interested in my food. He usually will look at it as I always bounce him on my knee as I eat (in public as least). I'm not too sure if he's very interested in it yet, but today he kind of made me feel like he really might be ready after he grabbed the container my hamburger was in and tried to put it in his mouth! I figure it doesn't hurt to try it out :)

After Kian's appointment we met up with Grandad and Nan and went to Splash Cafe for some clam chowder (they had chowder and I had a fish taco as I thought that the chowder might be too much dairy for Kian right now). Then we took a walk on the pier. Jamie had Kian in the frontcarrier for the first time. And Kian really liked it! He was facing out as Jamie walked. He really liked looking around :) It also gave my back a break until he was ready for a little nap...he will usually take a nap in it front facing me with a blanket over his head to keep out stimulus.

After our walk on Pismo Pier and around at the shops in town, we decided to go to Morro Bay and look around a bit. Boy was it cold there! The marine layer had come in! I was so glad that I had a sweatshirt and pants in Kian's diaper bag for him. Mommy had to buy a sweatshirt to keep warm! Kian did great as Grandad held him as we walked from place to place :) I was so glad that Kian did so well with someone else holding him. He gets better and better all the time!

There is an Aquarium in Morro Bay that has rescued sea lions and otters from the area. You pay $2 to go in and .50 for a bag of fish to throw to the animals. They were so cute! Kian got scared at the noise and splashing though :( I had to take him from Grandad to calm him down - I just brought him into the next room. Those sea lions and otters were so cute though :) Jamie and Nan finished feeding them and they did tricks for them! After that we had dinner in Morro Bay - we all had fish and chips and the fish was fresh fish that was probably caught and brought right into Morro Bay. Boy was that good!

Kian feel asleep on the way back home and woke up soon after I laid him in his crib. So I got him ready for bed (quickly as he was crying from how tired he was). He was out from about 8ish until 4AM! I was amazed that he slept that long without needing me to go in there to do anything for him! That was 8 hours! At 4 I brought him to bed with me to feed him and we both fell asleep. He slept so soundly he even missed his normal 8AM waking! Jamie and I got up to get ready for the day and Kian just slept a bit more.

Tuesday, Septeember 14th

We went to Hearst Castle today! That place is so amazing! We ended up spending the whole day there. We ate lunch when we arrived - a hamburger made of Hearst beef that is raised right there on the grounds - yum :) The tour was about 2 hours long! Kian did great! He took a little nap and at one point I had to get out a bottle that I had pumped for him to tide him over until we could get somewhere to feed him. He did so well and people commented on how he was a "good" baby :) It was nice to hear that for a change from people staring and telling me what was wrong with him.

Kian did have a melt down in the car as we were going to stop in a little town called Cambria for some dinner and shopping. We all thought it would be best to go back to our place and just order pizzas. So that's what we did :) We had Woodstock's Pizza and salad - yum :) Thankfully Kian took a short cat nap which was just long enough for me to be able to eat without him bouncing on my knee :)

Kian is doing so WELL with all the new stuff that is going on this week. I am so proud of him :) He sure does love spending time with Grandad and Nan :)

Kian has done very well these last few days. Grandad has held him a lot of the time and he has responded really well to that :) He actually slept for and 8 hour stretch last night and only woke up to eat and was completely out until about 9ish (when he is usually up at 8). He was wiped out from I think the shots and from all the different stuff we were doing yesterday. We went to Pismo to Splash Cafe and then went to Morro Bay to do some shopping and had some fresh fish :) Right now Jamie is giving them a tour of Oddworld and Kian is sleeping so I have a few moments to myself....wow is it nice :)

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