Friday, September 10, 2004

Kian's First Beach, First Actual Nap and First Poop on Tape hehe

Kian's First Time on the Beach

This week was SO hot! Tuesday was the hottest day of all and thank God me and Gina decided not to walk but to still get together and hang out at the beach. In San Luis Obispo the temp was record breaking at 104! Boy, I am glad we weren't home because we don't have air conditioning and we would have roasted! Anyway, me and Gina met up at Avila Beach, had some lunch and sat on a blanket on the beach for a few hours. It was probalby aobut 20 degrees cooler sitting on the beach! Kian was kind of cranky but almost as soon as we hit the beach he calmed down. We sat in the shade underneath the pier.

It’s amazing what being on the beach will do to you. The air smells so good and the sound of the waves breaking is amazing. I can’t wait until we can take Kian out next year and he can play in the sand :)

Here is a photo of Kian with a smile behind that binky :)

Here's Danielle sitting up (she's really sitting in a hole her mom dug in the sand to help her out. Isn't she cute! (thanks Gina, I sole the one of Danielle from your blog - I hope you don't mind! :)

Longer naps!

Well, yesterday I went to Bible study for hte first time - it starts at 9:15ish which is early for us. He did well during the worship, speaker and announcement times but when we went to our small groups he had a fit! (He's been having problems nursing in public which I don't know if it's me maybe feeling uncomfortable or if it's him feeling distracted...) Then after group ended (which I missed the entire group time) we all left for the day and of course he was smiley guy then lol So I called Jamie to see if he wanted to have lunch with us since our church is downtown and close to where he works. So I go to meet Jamie and we pick a place to eat. Kian started to fuss so I go him out of his stroller and as I was sitting down I bumped his leg on the table and he started crying. He wasn't hurt, I think it scared him. Anyway, we had to leave because he was so disturbing to everyone...immediately when the stroller started moving he was fine. So we sat on a bench and I ate part of my wrap as Jamie entertained Kian. Then I saw a melt down was on the way so I thought I better get moving again. (poor Jamie - I'm not sure if he will meet us for lunch again! lol) The whole way back to the car Kian wailed and the whole way home too. When I got home I was FINALLY able to get him to latch on and eat! After he ate he went down for a nap - a 3 HOUR nap! He is a 20 minute napper! I actually had to check on him to make sure that he was still alive! LOL I go SO much done when he went down (which is good because I had some cleaning to do before Jamie’s dad and step-mom arrive on Sunday :)

I wasn't sure if he was napping longer because I had taken him to a forgein place in the morning for a few hours (which he didn't respond to well). But this afternoon he napped for an hour (and only an hour thanks to a big dump truck across the street doing some work - I wonder if he would have slept longer if it weren't for that blasted truck! Anyway, I am amazed! Especially because it was very sudden!

First Poop Caught on Tape

Today Kian and I were having a good time laughing with one another. He was so giggly today! He was practically laughing at whatever I said! One thing that I reazlied that he laughs a lot at is if I try to call Allie by saying in a high pitched voice, “Kitty, Kitty, Kitty.” He giggles every time I say it! hehe

Anyway, I thought that it would be a good time to get some footage of him with our video camera. I had him sitting in his car seat as I made silly sounds and he giggled behind all the hiccups he was having :) Then all of a sudden his face seemed really concentrated and I said out loud, “Are you pooping?” (like he could answer me hehe) So I turned off the camera and check and sure enough he had! He’s usually a once a week pooper (yeah, that’s a HUGE diaper to change) and he had pooped just two days before! So I took him to his room and changed him and he just started giggling at me again! lol So I got the camera again and said how I had caught the poop in process on tape LOL I thought that was pretty funny :)

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