Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Oprah Show Called Me!

Yep! They called while I was gone! (I forgot to put this in my last blog entry - tells you how crazy things are here that I forgot about something like this!) I listened to the messages on the machine and this lady said, "This is Erin from the Oprah Winfrey Show. Please give me a call at soon as you can" I called her back and she said that she already had what she needed lol! She told me it was in regards to my response to the show about pathelogic liars. I didn't remember until then what I wrote them about...but after I hung up with her a remembered and I knew why I actually wrote them! I was LIVID! The show about about this lady who lied that her 6 week old baby had stopped breathing and they put the baby through a bunch of tests including a spinal tap! I have heard those are VERY painful and I was so mad! Kian was just getting over being sick for the 17th time (or so it seemed) and it was painful for me to see him need and IV, a feeding tube and other things that I wrote to the Oprah Show and told them that I thought this lady should be brought up on child abuse charges for what she did to her daughter.

Anyway, I missed out! Bummer! But I was surprised to get a call from them. I have a feeling that they maybe wanted me to read my letter over the phone or something. If they wanted me to be there with that woman they would have had to put me across the stage from her because I would gave given her more than just a spinal tap! LOL

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