Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Moving Date is Set!

We hired a movers a few days ago. They are coming to pack our stuff on Wednesday, Thursday the truck is going to come and pick it up all up and Saturday morning it will be delivered!

It's kind of strange not to do really any packing other than what we need to bring with us for the day or so we will be at our place without our things! But it has taken a lot of stress off my shoulders - we are getting everything else ready that we know we won't be able to attend to for a few days. I have also been printing off directions from our place to other places around town like Target, Toys R Us and Ikea (woot!). I have also been doing some research on baby proofing stuff so we can get that done pretty much right away. Kian didn't have freedom to roam here because we didn't want to baby proof seeing we knew we would be leaving soon. He will have a lot to discover when we are all ready for him :)

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