Friday, April 08, 2005

Job Hunt is Over!

We accepted an offer with EA in Redwood City, CA! Jamie’s start date is April 25 so we are going up to the area Monday to look around for places to live. Thankfully EA gave us a LARGE sum of money to move with so we are kenneling Toby at our vets (which is will be like heaven for him from what they tell me – I am going to check it out tomorrow). I just hope that Kian does well with the travel. We hope to get a suite room so that Kian can have a dark, quiet room to sleep in for naps and we can have a microwave and things like that to prepare his food.

We are excited about the move and Jamie is excited to be working on this BIG project (I’m not sure I can say what it is yet, but it’s HUGE). I am sad to see my friends go and to leave Dr. Bravo (Kian’s amazing pediatrician) but a new adventure is ahead of us.

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