Wednesday, April 13, 2005

We Have Returned to SLO from the Bay Area...

Our New Place!
Jamie, Kian and I just got back from the Bay Area today. After some searching we found a great place! It's a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse with a small backyard but big enough for Toby to roam in and to have a grill (YES!!). It also has a two car garage with a lot of storage space. We are excited to get the move on the way. Right now we are just securing movers, but we hope to be up there by next week this time.

Here is our new address:
1205 Blackberry Ter.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087-2064

We will have a home phone hooked up when we get there. So, while we are between houses we will be using our cells.

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts for us! Now we just need to be praying we can get the movers in here and packing us up and up to Sunnyvale by this time next week! :)


Jamie, Kian and I went to EA to get Jamie’s paperwork signed and we also went on a bit of a tour of the place. WOW! I seriously don’t know what else to say! I was amazed at the size of this place! It reminded me of being on UWEC campus! There are a several buildings, two cafeterias, a gym that is run by Gym One and is free for us BOTH to use any Gym One in the area!, a store where Jamie gets some good deals on EA games and other stuff like shirts of Kian hehe. They also have services like they have someone come in a detail your car for about $20, dry cleaning pickup….there are just SO many things! lol It’s so big that when I come to visit Jamie I need to get a visitor’s pass and have him meet me in the lobby!!!! EA is a great company to work for and the project that Jamie is working on is HUGE…I will actually say what it is when I can (we are still trying to find out if we can say anything or not yet).

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