Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Granna and Papaw Hedrick, Kian sick again, and other things….

Sorry it has been so long since my last update. After I updated my blog the last time, Jamie’s Mom and Stepdad were here visiting for a week and a half. We had a wonderful visit with them. They arrived on Kian’s birthday and were able to celebrate with us :) It was very nice to have them there :) Kian and I didn’t really do much with them outside the house that week. Kian was just getting over a cold and I wanted to make sure he didn’t skip any naps. So Jane and Russell did touristy things on their own mostly while Kian napped. We did all get to go to the Winchester House in San Jose. Kian did great despite starting to get sick again.

After they left Kian’s cold got worse and I had to take him to the doctor. Kian started to wheeze toward the end of my in-laws trip and I was getting concerned.

We met Kian’s Pediatrician for the first time last week. He is very knowledgeable and explained things to me that was happening with Kian’s breathing in a way I could understand. He also gave me things to look for with Kian getting worse. He gave me a prescription for Albuterol to use with Kian’s nebulizer two times a day (morning and before bed). Basically the medicine is put in a machine and it blows a “mist” into Kian’s face and he breathes in until it’s gone. It’s not fun because it takes a while and Kian wants to play with it. Thank God that I TiVoed Sesame Street a few days in a row because he loves to watch the puppets and colors. Having him watch it makes the treatments a lot easier on us both.

The Dr. told us that if the he continues to wheeze with every cold he’s had he might have asthma (wonderful!). I have exercise induces asthma as well as my sister and my mom’s cousin has it really bad….so hopefully he doesn’t have it at all. It sure is scary when you aren’t sure what’s happening with your child’s airway and breathing.

Good news (so far anyway) is that Kian woke up this morning without any wheezing! I didn’t give him a treatment this morning but hopefully he will be good to go for the rest of the day :) So, almost a week of treatments and he’s doing better. I am hoping that both me and Jamie can have a full night’s sleep tonight – we have been up a lot with Kian after he goes to bed at night. I am also hoping that Kian is well enough on Friday to have his immunizations so he doesn’t get too far off track with them.

Other Visitors

On Sunday our friends Steve and Lisa came to visit. They live in Seattle now and were here to visit Lisa’s family in San Jose (it’s about 15 mins from here). We were so glad we were able to see them. Jamie and I were talking that it was amazing how we just felt like they had never left when we haven’t seen them for about 3 months! The last time they saw Kian he was crawling backwards so he got to show them some new tricks :) We sure miss having them near us but we are very glad that they try to see us when they are in town.

Moving Update

Yes, we are still unpacking….seems like it will take FOREVER! It’s amazing how little I can do during the day with a 12 month old at my heels. Overnight he as seemed to become a toddler – demanding more of my attention and thinking that he can touch and do everything he wants…if you tell him no he has a tantrum. I guess this is great prep for the terrible two’s – I sure hope they aren’t too bad though because sometimes I want to yank all my hair out LOL

Well, the little man is up from a nap so I better sign off….I will try to write more later.

(I have returned to add more now that Kian is in bed)

Waving and signing!

Kian has started waving recently! It has taken him a while to catch on. On Saturday Gina from Mom’s Group in SLO was in town with her daughter Danielle and she waved at Kian and I think he thought…’hey I can do that too’ and waved back at her for the first time! He has waved a few other times to cashiers in stores, but not too often. I am just glad he finally caught on!

Also, recently I discovered that Kian has been doing the sign for “finished.” I have been doing this sign with him since he started to eat solids and just now I realized he was signing it to me! The sign is putting your hands up and then moving them at the wrist in a circular motion (I hope I am describing them right! lol) I usually can only do it with one hand because I have something in the other and Kian does it with one hand too!

Today he also gave me a kiss after I asked for one. We were playing and he wanted to cuddle a little and I asked him, “Can I have a kiss?” And he did! Kian’s kisses pretty slobbery but they are cherished :) He basically just opens his mouth and puts it on yours. He doesn’t do it very often but he gave me several kisses this afternoon and gave Jamie some too after he asked for them! I guess he was just being a lovey guy!

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