Saturday, May 07, 2005

My Second Mother's Day and other odds and ends...

Since Mother’s Day is the same day as Kian’s birthday, Jamie decided to give me my gifts tonight and celebrate a little today. He got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a card that had a gift certificate in it for a one hour massage! I can’t wait to use it!

Thinking back to about last Mother’s Day, I was knocking on the door to heaven….I am so glad that I am here to celebrate another one.


Will it ever end! lol Well, I have my kitchen unpacked finally but we still have boxes covering the other half of our two car garage! We are working on it slowly but surely. It will be nice once it’s all done and we can finally feel like this is home. Unpacking takes a long time when you have a one year old at your feet!

Our First Visitors

Our first visitors to our place were Peter and Priscilla Rynning. They live in SLO and Priscilla’s parents live about a mile away from us and they were going to visit for Mother’s Day. It was so nice to see them :)

We will also have some other visitors coming tomorrow afternoon. Jamie’s Mom and Step-dad (Jane and Russell) will be here until next Tuesday visiting and seeing California some. Unfortunately Kian’s not at an age where he can do much site seeing he would be skipping naps and he’s still getting over his cold so that’s not an option. We will be able to do some site seeing close to home though – the Winchester mansion is in San Jose and it’s not that far of a drive for us.

Kian’s Birthday

We have got several cards in the mail and gifts as well. I have decorated with the things I bought a while ago – I have a table cloth, plates, napkins, #1 candle and hats for us all toe wear. I also put up the card holder and sign that my Aunt Lori had specially made for Kian that says “Happy Birthday Kian.” I will take photos of it all and hopefully we can get it all loaded up soon.

Also, Safeway (a grocery store here) gives free cakes on your baby’s first birthday so we have a beautiful cake decorated for Kian and waiting for us all to dig into tomorrow. I have a feeling that even though Kian’s not eating whole foods real well yet that he will be eating that cake! Hehe


Ok, it's mainly big for me....I didn't want to tell anyone about it until he was doing it for more than a week...Kian goes to sleep without any rocking from me (also unswaddled)! In fact he wants me to do limited rocking with him! I used to have to rock him for about a half hour before every nap and before bed. Now I just do our routine and then lay him down and he's off to sleep! At least now I can enjoy the rocking and cuddling we get in before I lay him down...before it was a chore now I look forward to those snuggles. :)

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