Saturday, December 03, 2005


Jamie always shows Kian the "I Love You" sign when he says I love you and he does it at least several times every day. Well, a few days ago we noticed that Kian was trying to do it too! He was just using his index finger and thumb though...but this morning Jamie said I love you and showed him the sign and Kian had his thumb, index finger AND pinky up! I said to Jamie, "Did you see that?!?!" Jamie agreed that he had done it! And later on Kian did the sign again! I didn't think he would be able to do the sign right for a long time because it's kind of difficult lol!

In case you aren't familiar with this sign here it is:

Also, on a side note... My mom has always used that sign with me and my sister. When I would go away on long trips to places instead of waving we would show the "I Love You" sign. I used to travel a lot by plane and when I would get in my seat I would put the my hand right up to the window and do the sign so she could see where I was and she would know I could see her too (our hometown has a VERY small airport). It's something that is special to us and I am proud that Kian can now do it too :)

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