Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kian didn't like Santa :(

We took Kian to see Santa today...he's been a bit cranky lately from the last of his teeth coming in, so part of me wondered if he would cry.

This Santa was awesome! He had a real beard and everything! When I sat Kian on his lap, Kian bawled and bawled! So Santa told ME to sit on HIS lap with Kian LOL So, we have a photo of me sitting on Sant's lap with Kian on mine with a binky in his mouth and screaming bloody murder...the lady taking the photo wanted him to look at her...I was like...we took 5 photos already! This is like torture! So, we ended up picking the best one (considering the situation lol) and I figure it will be good for Kian's scrap book....

On a side note, I am on a message board for Mom's who had babies in May 2004 and there were several kids there that freaked out at Santa. I felt good knowing we was not alone! Although, you have to admit it is a little strange to tell you kid that it's ok to sit on this oddly dressed man's lap lol!

Sorry we don't have any photos! We could not take any with our own camera but Jamie did get some video of it. I plan to take a photo of the picture and see how that turns out to post.

Hopefully next year it will be better.

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