Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas at the Durall's

This Christmas was very nice :) Jamie's Dad (Grandad) and Step-mom (Nan) came for a few days and spent Christmas with us! It was very nice to have family here for Christmas :) I made a nice dinner for us all (that gave us A LOT of left overs) and I think that everyone really enjoyed the ham with my special glaze (I was pretty proud of that - even Kian loved it!)

Kian had a great time opening gifts - although he really wanted to look at and play with each one so it took a lot of coaxing for us to get him to open them one right after another. We asked Santa to put all the gifts outside of the gate (we have a gate surrounding our tree) so that Kian could get to them. Kian didn't want to drink his morning milk on Christmas morning because he wanted to get to his gifts! Also, Santa brought him a basketball hoop that was Santa assembled and had under the tree. Kian LOVED that an still is enjoying it :) Grandad and Daddy sure liked it too ;) He got so many toys that we decided to open a few at a time so he could really enjoy each one - I am about to go into his stash to open another box for him tomorrow :)

Kian also had a bit of a language explosion of sorts over the holiday. He is now saying "please" among other things (I can't think of exacts but he's really trying hard to say everything we ask him to). I sure wish I knew what he was saying most of the time hehe but I know that we will in time :)

Right now we are all recovering from the holidays. Jamie has had off for the last two weeks which has been great! Me, on the other end I have been sick so I have been in bed most of the time :( Jamie sure has been a great help in that department though! He's been really keeping up with the house and with Kian wonderfully! I wish I had words to thank him for being such a great Dad and Hubby!

Well, that's all for now! Hopefully I can get back into the weekly updates - it's a New Years Resolution ;)

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