Friday, March 03, 2006

Blue's Clues and Language :)

Blue’s Clues Education and our little Blue’s Clues Nut!

For some reason it came to my mind that maybe not everyone is familiar with Blue’s Clues hehe Here is a link to the official website of the show There is an interview with the creators of the show as well as some other tidbits.

Here’s a bit of a run down of what the show is about:

The show is about a blue dog named “Blue” whose owner is named Steve or Joe. Steve was the first host who wore a green stripped shirt in every episode. He “left for college” and his “brother” Joe took over hosting. Joe wears a shirt that has squares on it – he has several colors that he wears but in the same style (I posted a photo of Blue and Joe together). Blue also has friends like Tickity (who is a clock), Shovel and Pail, Mrs. Salt and Mr. Pepper and their baby Paprika…you get the point hehe At the beginning of the show Joe (or Steve) will talk about what him and Blue are doing today. As they are talking usually Joe will ask Blue a question and to figure out the answer we play Blue’s Clues. Blue puts a paw print on 3 things that Joe will find throughout the show and put in his “handy dandy notebook. Before finding the clues he sings a song about how to play Blue’s Clues. The clues are found throughout the show as Joe and Blue interact with others and talk about the topic for the episode. There is also a time when the mail comes and Mailbox brings the mail – Joe sings a song about getting a letter and opens it up (it’s a video of children talking about the episode’s topic). Once he has found all the clues, he sits in his thinking chair and talks about the clues. When we figure it out he sings another song about how smart you are :) At the end he sings a good-bye song :)

Well now that you have a bit of background on the show I can tell you that my Mr. Kian is a total NUT for “Beu-beu” (Blue’s Clues hehe)!!!!! He now knows all the sign language movements to the Blue’s Clues song and does the Letter dance with one of his play letters as Mommy sings the song for him hehe Jamie took some video of Kian doing the Blue’s Clues signs this morning – hopefully we will have it up on our site soon! :)

Kian also asks to watch the show now! He will say “bue-bue” over and over again and get kind of cranky if you don’t turn it on! lol I usually don’t have his shows on at all while I am able to be with him – I usually have them on if I have work to attend to or something that needs to be done without distraction. I have a feeling his intake of Blue’s Clues is about to go up lol!

Language explosion

Kian continues to learn more and more words everyday. We are working on animals and he makes some very funny noises when it comes to what animal makes what sound! He can identify a cow, pig, sheep, and horse! They all have their own sounds…but there is no way I could try to type that down here lol I will have to get some film of him doing the noises….they are sounds only mommy and daddy will know what he means lol But he’s getting really good at it! :)

Kian is also getting an explosion in sign language! I have been teaching him the sign for “more.” He didn’t do it until we were out grocery shopping and he was having one of his favorite snacks (toddler cookies, which he only gets when we are out and he’s having a snack) and needed more! lol He got upset and started doing the sign! (here is a link to what it looks like: ) I have been trying this sign with him for over a year and he FINALLY got it! hehe! He now uses it when he gets excited about what he’s eating and tells more! What a cutie! :)

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