Monday, March 27, 2006

Friends, Dancing and New Words!

Steve and Lisa ETA May 1st!!!!!!!!

Steve and Jamie worked at Oddworld together and became great friends – I too became very good friends with Steve’s fiancé Lisa. This was all before Kian was born! They were actually at the hospital and saw Kian before I had a chance to after surgery! So, they have been a big part of our lives since we moved to Cali. Steve took a job in Seattle last year before Oddworld shut down so they moved far away. Through the distance we still remained close. Lisa’s family lives in San Jose so when they would visit them they would stop by here for a visit.

Well, last week was the GDC (Game Developers Conference) and Steve flew down for that. He also interviewed and was hired on at Perpetual which is in San Francisco! They expect to be back in the area by May 1st! We are so excited that they are coming back down here! Kian and Steve had a GREAT time together when Lisa and he visited us on Friday night (Lisa was down here doing wedding stuff so we got a visit from both of them!) I know Kian can’t WAIT for Uncle Steve to be back in the area :) Not to mention, now Kian will have more people at his second birthday party which will now seem more like a party with Steve, Lisa, Jamie, Kian, Jamie’s mom, and me :)

Kian’s Dancing

Kian LOVES to dance! In the last week he’s become a Dance Machine! hehe He is dancing to music on commercials, music from toys, literally anything that plays music lol! And when he dances he looks more like he’s doing a work out with the way he swings his arms around and stomps the floor…with a HUGE grin too hehe He’s such a cutie!

Plane-plane and Nin-nin

Kian has started to identify airplanes and helicopters! It’s pretty exciting since we live fairly close to the San Jose airport. Yesterday I was outside pulling weeds and had the door open and a plane flew over. Kian pointed to it and said “plane-plane” – it was the first time he ever said it!

Also, in the last week he has started saying “nin-nin” when he is done eating! He has been doing the sign for finished for quite some time and now he has started saying “nin-nin” with it! He sure is branching out and saying a lot more.

I almost forgot that he is also trying to say the ABC’s! I have been singing it with him a lot lately. He doesn’t have the letters right but I can tell by how he’s saying the random letters that he is really trying to sing it! hopefully we can get him to start saying them right hehe

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