Monday, March 27, 2006

Toby’s Visit to the Pet Hospital

Yesterday Toby vomited and it looked like blood was in it. Jamie and I decided to wait it out and see how he was doing. Today he vomited 5 times and the last time it looked like blood was in it…it was already 5PM and I wasn’t sure what to do…Jamie wouldn’t be home until 7ish. So I called a vet we were suggested by someone at Petco and the vet tech was great at answering my questions and helping me decide what I needed to do. Ended up that me and Kian rushed out the door to take Toby there and Jamie was going meet us there. We didn’t arrive until 6ish and Toby wasn’t seen until 8ish so it was good that Kian and I left! (Kian’s bed time is 7).

Toby is ok. They took x-rays to see if there was an obstruction – thinking he could have swallowed something. He was clear. They did say that he might have an ulcer so we are giving him some meds as well as OTC Pepcid lol They also pumped him full of fluids to help him out since he vomited so much today. Hopefully that will help with the vomiting and he can get back to normal a bit (and I can stop cleaning up vomited and running for papertowels!). The vet does want us to call her tomorrow to let her know how Toby is – if he’s any worse we have to bring him back in.

Jamie and I were both very impressed with this place – plus they are a hospital so they are open 24 hours….of course things are more after 7PM but at least we know they are there and we trust them.

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