Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Today we decided to take a break from packing and spend the day celebrating the Fatherhood! Jamie’s request was that we got to the Great America park near our house (we have annual passes). We spent the entire morning there :) Jamie got to ride a big coaster (which is fine because I am not into that). Kian got to ride some kiddie stuff with daddy and had a BLAST! We also went to the water park area and Kian ran around with Daddy in a sprinkler, wet type area. They had A LOT of fun! :)

Also, Kian got to meet Blue! Our Great America is affiliated with Paramount which I guess is apart of Nickelodeon so there are Dora, Rugrats, Sponge Bob Square Pants and Blue’s Clues stuff around that area. Blue made an appearance and Kian about flipped! Blue gave him “five” and also played peek-a-boo with him hehe Kian thought it was the best things! We didn’t bring out camera but we did get one of those park photos. I will have to try to figure out our scanner to scan it in for you guys to see :)

We all had a GREAT time at the park and plan to go there a lot more often once we get settled in our new place. It’s nice because the pass we have we get free parking, free admission to the park without blackout dates and a discount of 20% on all food and other purchases!

After that we came home and rested a bit, called our dads and then got ready for dinner. Per Jamie’s request we bought steaks and I made potatoes for Jamie to cook on the grill along with the steaks (Kian had hamburgers of course) :)

I think it was a great Father’s Day all-in-all. I hope you all had wonderful days as well :)

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