Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kian's 24 month Well Visit

Kian had his 24 month well visit with his Pediatrician today. Kian now weighs 23lbs 6oz. and is in the 3rd percentile for weight. Height he’s 33.5 inches and in the 20th percentile (that’s up from 15% from what he has been for pretty much ever!) He is staying on his own personal curve which is good…after all someone has to be in the 3% sometime! lol

He checked out great as well and we answered yes to all the developmental questions this time! (hooray!)

I did talk with the Ped again about the reaction Kian had to the ranch dressing. Kian was tested for an egg allergy last Sept. and had no reaction. He really shouldn’t have a skin test until he’s about three and our allergist actually recommended it. The ped seems to think it’s not a big deal though and to maybe try to get him to try to eat it without getting so much on his face (yeah right – he’s two! lol!) He did say that it could be a skin reaction – that if you or I put ranch dressing all over our face we might break out too. I can see what he’s saying but I’m not so sure I am willing to expose Kian to eggs in dressings and such until I know for sure he’s ok with it all. I also plan to talk to our new Ped about it when we see them in the next few months so we can be re prescribed the things that Kian needs to have to keep going (he has breathing treatments daily).

Kian’s also not a big meat eater – in fact he won’t eat meat most of the time. I tell Jamie he’s a self-proclaimed vegetarian lol The kid eats veggies like they are candy! Anyway, our Ped suggested we put him on Iron drops again because we don’t want him to be anemic. Our first Ped in San Luis Obispo could test iron levels right in his office and I am hoping our new Ped will be able to as well to make sure he’s getting just the right amount.

On a different note, he did get a vaccine this time for Hep A – something that is being nationally required now for all kids. Kian didn’t even cry! He just rubbed the spot after the nurse put a band-aid on and said “bye” LOL I can’t believe what a big boy he was and from what the nurse told me he was a treat since he said he was the first one he’s had in a while who didn’t cry at being weighed and measured (Kian doesn’t care when you look in his ears or anything!) – I told the nurse that Kian is a rare breed…he proved that right with the shot!

So, we are very proud of our big boy – growing so fast!

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Jamey R. said...

Hey - I am so glad to hear that you will be going to another Dr once you move. I don't know about you, but they seem a little passive with the allergy thing. If they already know he has the peanut allergy - they should be a little more agressive in helping you ward off any more allergies. I don't think it will hurt to talk it over with this next Dr as well, like you said. I think you should get more of an answer and I hope you do! Let me know!