Sunday, June 11, 2006

Kian might have an addional food allergy :(

Just a bit of background. Kian has a severe nut allergy that manafests usually with hives around his eyes. I read labels carefully so he doesn't get anything that's even processed near peanuts because, well, the eye hives are a dead give away of even having been processed near peanuts.

Also, last week I made a salad for him with tomatoes, cucumber, mayonaise and salt. He has had this before without reaction, but he broke out in a rash around his mouth that looked like he was wind burned or something. I gave him Benedryl and called the Ped who said that it could be the tomatoes.

So, last night I made chicken parmesan and made salads for all of us. Kian has never had a reaction to tomato sauce or katsup (which he eats by the spoon full when I give it to him). So honestly I never thought about a reaction from tomatoes in the sauce at all.

Kian has never had a salad before, but I thought that he might enjoy it and put some ranch dressing on it. I gave him a small taste of the ranch (since he had never had it before) about 5 mins before serving him, and he didn't break out at all. After he started eating it and getting some on his face, he broke out in ONE HUGE hive around his mouth and everywhere that the ranch dressing touched. I gave him Benedryl again and again he wasn't even bothered by it! It just went away after about an hour or so after eating. I did take away even the chicken parmesan because we weren't sure what was causing this. We took photos of it for me to show his Ped (Kian's 2 year visit is on Wednesday thankfully!).

Right now I am at a complete loss of what the heck he's having a reaction to! There is egg in both mayonaise and the ranch dressing - but he can eat cake, breads and other things that have eggs in them. I have never given him just straight on eggs though - mainly out of fear he might have a reaction even though he tested negative for during his allergy testing last Sept. The only other thing I can think of is the acidity in the vinegar - both those things have vinegar in them. And he had no reaction at all to me giving him a taste of the dressing (he only reacted to the areas that had ranch all over it from his messy eating).

Hopefully I have some answers on what is causing it and figure out what the heck I CAN feed him :(

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