Sunday, August 06, 2006

House and Kian Update

House Update

This weekend was a house weekend…we just stayed home and worked on stuff that needed attention. Jamie did A LOT of work putting on child locks, putting together a bookcase and taking a load to storage. There was a lot to be done to feel more settled, but we finally have some pictures on the walls! I think the last box will be unpacked tomorrow (or this evening depending on how long it takes me to fold laundry) and we will finally be settled in! Jamie and I talk about how surreal it is to own our own place FINALLY! We love the area and we love our new place – especially now that we are making it more like ours :)

Decorating more intensely will come with time – I am doing an Ireland themed bathroom downstairs that needs a few more things added to the walls. We hope to do some kind of an animal theme in Kian’s bathroom – which that will take some saving up to do but of course Kian doesn’t mind that it has no theme :) We still need to get Kian’s room Blue’s Clue’s-ified lol We have the stuff but just need to get it up! now that we finally have things where we want them boxes unpacked, we can really start concentrating on the little touches :)

Kian Update

Kian is getting bigger and bigger all the time! Sometimes I look at him and wonder where the time went when he was just a baby in my arms to now being a little kid! He is so amazed at the world around him and it’s amazing to watch him interact with everything :) We are starting to consider potty training, thinking about switching over to a booster seat and now have the gate to the kitchen area down because I feel he’s trustworthy and will listen to me when I tell him no (ok, most of the time anyway lol). He’s always on the go and I have to steal little hugs and kisses when I can….I sure enjoy the snuggles right after a nap when he’s having milk or right before he goes to sleep when we rock for a bit.

Kian has also become quite the socialite. This weekend he started a new thing of saying “hi” to everyone that passes by him in the store. We were at Costco today and he yelled “hi” to everyone who made eye contact with him lol It was cute but a little scary to see how friendly he is with strangers…. Not to mention the fact that he YELLS it lol He definitely has the Zuelzke/Zimmerman genes in him – poor kid! ;)

Well, that’s all the news we have here for now! Next weekend we get to play and take another trip to Great America with our friends Steve and Lisa. All three of us enjoy spending the day there :)

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