Sunday, September 24, 2006

Recovering and other news

This week was kind of a recovery for all of us. Jamie is back to normal hours which means we get to see him (hooray!) We are all feeling better but still battling the remnants of this cold we have. Kian’s also cutting his two year molars which has meant some late night wakings and some crakiness. We kind of stuck around the house this week – thankfully we have a sandbox in our back patio area that Kian enjoys along with some of the other things we have out there for him to play with.

We did go to our Terrific Two’s class. Let me say it doesn’t even stand a flame next to Gym Kids (which we went to before we moved 45 mins away from it.) The teacher is not the nicest person either – she has made some off handed comments about Kian (like him being demanding that he wants two stamps instead of one…that’s what the teacher would do at Gym Kids for everyone not to mention he’s only two!) I know they have three different teachers and I will just try out a different one next time around. Kian does seem to enjoy most of the class and I like the fact that he’s getting to play with other kids his age.

Poor, Poor Toby

Well, not this past Friday but the Friday before that Toby was sprayed in the fact by a skunk. Well, this Friday he’s going to undergo surgery to remove a large growth on his leg (it’s the size of a golf ball) and to be neutered. When we first got Toby, we thought we would stud him. We haven’t done that in the last 6 years and since it’s such a big thing to turn cancerous and that Toby is half way through his life span, that we better have it taken care of. The growth is something that would just get bigger and bigger quickly and if not taken care of could become inoperable. So, D-day for Toby is Friday morning. I just hope that he’s able to rest and Kian doesn’t hang on him too much.

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Jamey R. said...

POOR BABY! Sprayed by a SKUNK! ICK! Give Toby a big hug for us and tell him we love him! Hope his surgery goes well Friday! Let us know! Love, Jamey