Sunday, September 03, 2006


Well, this week I made a wonderful discovery!!! We received some coupons in the mail for A&W Rootbeer and there was a coupon for CHEESE CURDS! YEP!!! (for those of you who don’t live in Wisconsin you can learn more here:

For me it’s a taste of home and reminder of Tom’s Drive Inn – a local fast food restaurant in the area I grew up in Wisconsin. And of course they serve cheese curds there :)

This week we had dinner at A&W one night and thought their food was very, very good! So, we decided we would eat there as a family tonight for dinner. Kian had a great time entertaining people in the restaurant, including a guy who worked there named Steve which we learned from looking at his name tag.

Funny thing is when we walked in the door of the place a man was standing behind us and Kian said, “Hi Steve.” I informed Jamie that he calls every man he sees Steve – I think Kian thinks it’s how you say “man” lol The poor little guy only really knows 4 men: Jamie, Joe on Blue’s Clues, Steve from Blue’s Clues and our friend Steve. So, every man is called Steve by Kian lol

Well, back to Steve the A&W worker – in the restaurant they have a jukebox and were playing a lot of oldies songs. “I’m a Believer” from the Monkees came on and Kian started dancing. Steve started dancing and playing with Kian. It was really cute – especially when Steve said that Kian was a real “knee slapper” and slapped his knee. Kian slapped his knee and said “knee slapper.” I don’t think Jamie and I have laughed so much in our lives!!

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