Thursday, September 28, 2006

Do you Have Poo-Poos? And other random tidbits

For a long time now both Jamie and I ask Kian one question a few times a day: Do you have poo poos? It’s taken him a while to realize what that is and that he needs to inform us when he has one, but in the last month he’s been telling us when he needs a change. Of course we praise him when he tells us and apparently that hard work over the last few months has paid off! Last weekend Jamie told me that Kian walked right up to him and asked “Do you have poo-poos?” Sure enough, Kian had them (not Jamie! hehe). Kian hasn’t done this with me until this afternoon. Just out of the blue after he had bee playing for a while on the floor with his trucks he walked straight up to me and said, “Do you have poo-poos?” Of course he had them, so at least we have one step conquered in the potty training area.

Cooler Weather – We Weclome You!

Living in the area where we live is quite a bit hotter than places that are a bit closer to the coast or to the bay. Since our place has a hill butted right up against our back patio it shades us from direct sunlight until about 1ish. Anytime between then and 5ish we are hit with direct sun. My temp gage on my kitchen window reads in the 100’s then! So, Kian and I avoid the patio area for this time. After dinner usually me and Kian head out to the patio where he is loving his new sand box.

Today, I sit at our patio table in the yard with my laptop typing this. There is a light, cool breeze in the air. It reminds me of fall back in Wisconsin with the leaves are changing and you can smell crunched leaves in the air. Of course we don’t have the changing leaves around here really, but the air feels crisp. We are welcoming Fall with open arms in the hopes that me and Kian will be able to wear jeans and go for more walks without the worry of getting overheated.


Last night I showed Kian the moon for the first time. We have read about it in books. He’s seen it on TV shows and they also talk about it his class we go to weekly. Last night I showed it to him and of course he had to say “Hi Moon!” and Bye when we went inside. Tonight when we headed out the first thing he said was “Hi Moon!” The funny thing is it’s not really even dark but you can see the moon just over the top of the hill behind our house. I think my kid is a sponge retaining more knowledge than I think!

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