Thursday, September 14, 2006

Welcome to Sick Central!!!

Well, since we moved Kian hasn't had to have his breathing treatments pretty much at all. He was sick when we were in the process of moving and needed treatments until that was over - since then it's been almost two months since he has needed a breathing treatment! (He usually can only go one week without one.) That all ended this week.

Last Wednesday was our first day of Terrifc Two's a gym type class for Kian. I'm pretty sure we picked up this nastiness there - people always seem to think it's ok to bring your sick kid to functions like that which in turn exposes everyone to what their kid has. For Kian that's a dangerous thing. On more than one occasion a virus has landed Kian in the ER and even in the hospital - thanks to his asthma. I'm hoping that we have that under control - our last ER visit was Father's Day 2005.

So, when Kian's sick we all get sick. Right now what makes it worse is that Jamie is working late hours so it's really hard on all of us. In fact, I think right now Jamie is sicker than me or Kian. We all feel run down, have some dizziness, a cough, runny nose, and have bad stomach pains after eatting - none of us can even finish a meal or even eat half of it. Jamie's cough is getting really bad though. He wasn't even able to sleep more than three hours last night. And the night before he took a non-drowsy cold medication on accident so he was wide awake all night. With that said, I haven't been able to sleep well AT ALL from all the moving and coughing....thankfully at about 4AM Jamie went downstiars to try to sleep in the recliner to hopefully stop his coughing fits. At least I slept well from 4 until 7:30.

Let me tell you, a cold and working until about 9:30 at night each day is not a good mix. At least the deadline is Friday - but that also means SUPER late hours Friday night as well....I hope Jamie is able to bounce back over the weekend.

This has been a pretty rough last few weeks for us. I was even sick last week with something entirely different! I just hope the germs stay way from us and we all can enjoy each other again once this deadline is over.

For the time being, coffee will be my friend. Then the couch once Kian goes to bed - unfortunately it's near impossible to lay on the couch at all since Kian thinks I'm there to be his jungle gym lol

Ok, enough complaining for the day! I'm singing this crabby butt off!

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