Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A New Ped in the Works and Some Fun News on Kian :)

New Pediatrician in the Works

Since we moved to the area, Kian has seen the doctor a total of 5 times. The first time was to really introduce us to the doctor and get a feel for what the practice was like. I liked how they were fast in getting us in to see the doctor and they definitely have kid friendly things in their office.

The problem is that all 5 times we have been to the doctor in the last 9 months we have seen a different doctor EVERY time. Kian even had to have his Epi Pen (for his nut allergy since it's so severe) represcribed to him because his expired. The doctor that prescribed it was yet ANOTHER doctor there and didn't get the prescription right! He should have two Epi Pens and not one which is in his files if anyone cared to look. I brought all of Kian's records with me from the time of his birth up to current time and yet no one has cared to enter them and I even had one of the 6 doctors that have touched his files tell me that I didn't have them!

Yesterday i left a note to talk to his Ped about an issue the receptionist felt could be solved by phone instead of appointment. The Ped didn't seem to like all the questions I was asking, sounded like I was wasting her time and was just trying to get me off the phone. She also was rude with some of her answers when really her answer didn't have to include all the disrespectful talk so flung at me. Needless to say this interaction with her and having what seems no real doctor for Kian has really made me feel like this is not the place for us.

I am going to try to ask some of the mom's in Kian's class about their Peds and kind of go from there. I am so glad that I have originals of all of Kian's records form the time of birth through right before we left Sunnyvale. Make life a lot easier :)

If I could find a clone of Dr. Bravo (Kian's first Ped who was AMAZING!) all these issues would be solved! Man, do I miss Dr. Bravo, his patience, his caring and his love for the kids he works with.

Fun Stuff!

This morning I took Kian to class. In his class we sing songs that have hand signs, dance to music with movements, listen to a story, and have free play. There is one song that we sign talking about building a house and it has hand movements. We have done it maybe 4 times in classes that Kian has been to.

Today after we got back from class, Kian was singing and I couldn't figure out what he was saying until he got to a certain part and I realized he was signing the build a house song and doing the movements all on his own. Throughout the day he has broken into this song (including the higher notes that they sing at one point!) at the house playing, at the grocery store (and you know I joined in - we sang and shopped at the same time! lol) and eating dinner. I am so surprised how much he has retained from class and I am so happy that he enjoys it so much.

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