Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A New Toliet, Goodbye to Troublemakers and Sick Again (I know, shocking huh?)

This past weekend was very interesting.

First of all, Friday I noticed that our neighbors next door were packing up things and sure enough they are moving – they had a U-Haul today. These are the lovely neighbors that greeted us our first weekend of moving in with a drunken frenzy outside that resulted in our neighbors across the way calling the police. Anyone who has stayed with us at our new place over the weekend knows exactly what neighbors I am talking about because every weekend at least once in the wee hours of the morning you can hear them fighting. Jamie talked to our neighbors across the way and told him they have mutual feelings on these trouble makers leaving. So, those neighbors left us with a quiet Saturday night and have left us wondering who will be moving in next.

Honestly, I didn’t realize how much noise they made until after they were gone! We never hear our neighbors on the other side (I occasionally will hear some music in our kitchen area but nothing that’s too loud).

Second, Jamie is installing a new toilet in our masterbath. The tank had a crack in it that Jamie noticed late last weekend. He looked information on the crack (since there was no leak) on the internet and found out that the crack could give way and we could have some major problems. It was best to replace the toilet.

Yep, it’s his first fix to our house since we moved in. We picked out a toilet Saturday morning and Jamie installed it in the afternoon. I have to say that the man at Lowe’s we spoke to had a WEALTH of information and was very, very helpful. After 5 trips to Lowe’s for different parts and a new toilet seat our “throne” is working just great! I’m so proud of Jamie for taking on this endeavourer, doing the research and getting the job done :)

Honestly, as I see Jamie taking out the old toilet and what not, I think about two Saturday Night Live Sketches. One is for the “Love Toilet” – oh so funny :) I digress hehe

Sunday we had our own little “Super Bowl” Party. We went to Costco that morning and bought some hot wings and I made some cocktail wieners. It was nice :) We had planned to ask our neighbors across the way over, but we have all been battling some sort of cold and they have a newborn. Hopefully once spring hits we will be able to BBQ or something with them :)

This week we are battling some kind of new illness. Jamie and I have felt WIPED out! We went to bed at 10:30 last night (that is early for us) and woke up at about 7 and I felt like I slept for 4 hours :( Last night Kian also woke up in hysterics. I’m not sure if he’s cutting his two year molars, has an ear infection or what was going on. I kept asking him if he had an owie and all he would do was cry :( I finally resorted to giving him some Tylenol and some Hyland’s teething tablets and after some rocking and cuddling he settled down and went back to sleep. I felt so bad for him. I’m watching him like a hawk though because if he does have an ear infection and he’s actually showing signs of it, that means it’s pretty bad.

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