Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our Saturday and some Updates

Thursday I took Kian to see the podiatrist. He had Kian walk up and down his hall...he did this all the way on his toes. Then he asked him to run and as he was running the doctor turned to me and said, "Mom, he's fine." PHEW! A wave of relief went over me! He does want to see Kian in 6 months to make sure he's "not liking walking on his toes." So I scheduled an appointment right away.

Thursday mornings is the usual day that I have my treatments done on my toe every other week. Since Kian had his appointment Thursday and I had to be able to walk and drive about 20 mins (it's really hard for me to even sit in a normal foot has to be propped up) I had it scheduled for Monday morning. This actually worked out good because I can actually walk on my foot right now. Saturday Jamie was able to take the day off and we all went to Discovery Kingdom (the amusement park that has animals). We all had a great time. It was SO good to be able to get out of the house...I seriously have been locked inside almost full time for over the last month. We were going to try to go to some different shows this time around but Kian really wanted to see the dolphin show so we went there...we have been every time we have gone to the park lol He LOVES watching them so of course we had no problem with going. Thomas Town was also open so we all got to ride Thomas the Train and Jamie rode with Kian on a helicopter ride that was also a Thomas thing. Jamie and Kian actually rode a bunch of rides together and played on some climbing structures. I think we all had a good time although Jamie says his legs are sore and I'm just beat hehe But I know we are all glad we went especially since it will be another two weeks until I can do anything again.

Saturday was pretty much our weekend. Jamie headed back into work Sunday morning - luckily he didn't have to go in last night after we got back from the park...that was a big possibility for him. Today my goal is to clean the house and shop for the next week and a half at least. Standing for more than 30 seconds is VERY painful so I am trying to get microwavable or quick fix meals for us over the next week.

If you think about it, say a prayer for me because I think I see two warts coming back into the new skin area :( I will know more tomorrow but I sure could use those prayers.

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