Monday, August 20, 2007

Medical Alert Bracelet is On the Way!

Well, my nervousness of Kian's allergy sent me searching for medical alert bracelets. I talk to Kian from time to time about his allergy, but he still has very limited understanding...and I'm sure it will be a while before he really grasps it.

I scoured the net for a bracelet that well...didn't look like the bracelets I remember kids having to wear when I was growing up when they had diabetes or epilepsy or something along those lines. I found a place that sells ones that have a band on them with different scenes! This is the one we though Kian would enjoy the most right now:

The band will fit him now up until his wrist is 8 inches around (it's a little over 4 right now). We also have the ability to order other bands like soccer themed, bugs, camo....there are a lot of choices so when he wants something we can order it for him. I am now praying that it fits good AND he won't be bothered too much by wearing it.

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