Monday, August 06, 2007

Our Little Scare Sunday

Jamie's been working some crazy hours. In fact, he had to work on Sunday all day but was home for dinner. We decided to order a pizza. We found a deal through the place we like to get pizza from where we could get a large specialty pizza, cinnamon sticks and a two liter of coke for under $20.

Kian has had this pizza many times before. He LOVES it. We weren't sure on the cinnamon sticks because well - it was a new thing for him and we were unsure of where things were processed. I gave him a small bite of a cinnamon stick. He didn't seem to have a reaction so we gave him a whole stick (about two inches long). As he was eating the last bite he started making a weird fact....I thought he was just goofing around. Well, he wasn't. It was then that I noticed hives forming on his face where ever crumbs/cinnamon and sugar landed. Jamie made a smart move of having Kian spit out the food - which Kian gladly complied. I went to the medicine cabinet to get the benedryl to find it was expired!!!!!!! Jamie grabbed the bottle and headed to Target so he could make sure he got the right stuff. I got Kian wiped off REALLY well and sat down with a new cup of water and read stories until Jamie returned.

It was quite a scare! I have been SO careful monitoring the food that Kian has that he hasn't had any sort of reaction is probably a year. It's funny because people think that if the item does not have nuts that it's ok for him to have....these were just cinnamon sticks. Pretty much a churro...they were good...but they were also apparently processed near nuts and will never cross the threshold of our door again.

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