Saturday, August 11, 2007

Our Big Boy and Other Stuff

Kian's Gaining in Big Boy Status!

Wednesday Kian wanted to go potty on the big potty. So, I pulled over the stool he uses for the sink. Kian had yet to do number two on the potty so I thought maybe this would be a great transition for him to do that. The next day Jamie stayed home from work and when Kian told us he needed a Pull-up (for number two) Jamie asked him if he wanted to use the big potty. Kian pooped on it for the FIRST time and that's been the only place he's done it for the last 2 days :) Let me tell ya, we are all very happy that there will be no more poopy pull-ups!

General Update

Thursday morning I went back to the dermatologist to retreat my warts. (If you are squeamish you might not want to read on).

She cut off the dead skin which was most of the bottom of my big toe. Then she reapplied this nasty stuff that causes the blisters to get rid of the ones that were still there. Putting that on new skin hurts like HELL. Well, it doesn't hurt right away but it sure does after about 10 hours. Friday was the worst...I woke up because I was in so much pain...and since Jamie is working late I am on my own with Kian in the evenings....I barely got him to bed...standing hurts the WORST.

So, right now I am sitting on the couch and I am parked here for as long as I can be. Poor Kian is mainly on his own - unless we are sitting on the couch reading stories and that lasts only so long for my active little man. Luckily Jamie is working today and staying home Sunday - I am hoping that he can do something with Kian because I know the rest of the week will not be good for outings in anyway.

Poor Jamie has been working a lot lately again. Weekends and late nights will be the normal around here for the next month at least. It really stinks the timing of the stuff with my foot and work...but we are trying to make the best of what we have. Also keeping in mind that we have a little less than two months before our Disney trip!

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