Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Speech Evaluation Update

Kian’s speech evaluation was this morning. It was at the school that Kian will attend kindergarten at so it was neat to see the place!

When we got there I had to sign some paper work (I think mainly because in California this is something that the state pays for). The speech pathologist asked in a round about way that I not stay in the room so that Kian didn't focus on the fact that I was leaving. I could hear what the teacher was asking (but I stayed out of sight). Honestly it was then that I realized just how bad Kian’s speech is :( I couldn’t understand most of what he was saying to her at one point. I think because Kian and I are always together and I can see the context of things I can take a great stab at what he’s saying.

Kian did really well with listening to what the teacher wanted him to do. After he was done she asked him to tell me he was through and he went to play while I talked to her. She said he definitely needs help. His main issue is that he’s not putting the ending on his words. Like he says “Ca” instead of “Cat” She did tell me it was something that could be easily corrected and he will be speaking in a way that everyone will understand by kindergarten.

I guess what’s going to happen is he will go to sessions once a week for a half hour and at the end of the year the speech therapist will re evaluate him. She said I will probably be able to see dramatic changes. I go in to meet with the speech pathologist the day before we leave for our Disney trip so that she can go over a report she has to write up and have me sign some paperwork. After that we will start the appointments and I will have more information.

I just very glad that Jamie brought this issue to my attention and we pursued it.

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