Thursday, September 06, 2007

Toe Update and other Random Tidbits

Toe Update - Treatment #4

I just realized that I've been so busy that I forgot to update on my toe. Today I had my fourth treatment. She froze the warts this time...she did that last time too. Luckily this hurts just at first and gets better as the day goes on. With the other stuff she used the first two times it gets worse as the day goes on and leaves me completely immobile.

We are gearing up for our trip to Disney - we will be leaving on September 28th to spend some time with my Aunt Lori and Uncle Dave before we head to Disneyland. I let my doctor know about our trip and my concern about walking. She wanted to put that nasty stuff on my foot again this last time...I told her it scared me :( so she said she would freeze it again and told me she thinks that after one more time freezing that these warts in this area should be gone. She also said she's hopeful. That gives me hope! The area does look a lot better...and I'm glad she's ok with doing the freezing because that kind of pain on new skin would be close to unbearable for me. She told me she could give me Vicodin for the pain (yes, it's THAT bad) but I'm not sure I could function on Vicodin and take care of Kian.

Kian's Bracelet

It seems that Kian's bracelet has pretty much become a part of him. He really doesn't figit with it much anymore. It's also serving it's purpose. Kian and I went to Trader Joe's (a local grocery store) yesterday and the cashier noticed his bracelet and told me she had no idea that they made them like that. So, it's doing it's duty...letting people know of his allergy but also looking cute at the same time.

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