Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Terrible Two's? LOL! And Kian's first Mommy and Me Class

Man, if the two's are supposed to be so terrible, I wonder what people think of the threes? "Have Mom Committed" Threes or Tantrum Threes. I don't know. Whoever coined the term terrible two's must not have been around for the threes...that's my only guess.

In the last few weeks Kian has been in rare form. He has been throwing tantrums and they are getting worse and worse as the weeks have gone on. I'm beginning to wonder if he's been body snatched and where my well behaved boy went.

Yesterday I shopped Target with him screaming in the cart because I wouldn't let him hold a toy. That was a real joy. Today was our first day of Mommy and Me (essentially preschool but mommmy comes) and he threw at least two huge fits. Luckily one of the moms told me that everyone has been there and backed up what mine and Jamie's plan of action is in dealing with them. Ignoring. It's hard to do but the only way to combat this behavior.

Kian did two things at class - he painted a picture using cars as the "brush" he really liked that. And he played with a train set. I am guessing it will take him at least a month for the newness of the train set to wear off...the kid has trains at home so it's not really "new" but he plays with them almost all day long. I had a good time singing some new songs while sitting in circle time - trying to lead by example and asking Kian if he wanted to sing with me from time to time. I'm hoping my Kian returns soon....I miss him :(

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