Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Allie is sick now :(

Since Toby started getting sick Allie (our cat) has been kinda aloof. She hasn't been using her box or eating a whole lot. Honestly, I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to her when I was taking care of Toby - and since Allie was very close to Toby I figured she was just sad he was so sick.

Well, things got worse on Saturday when we hadn't seen her at all...not even for a pet, a drink...nothing....and it just continued like that through the weekednd. So I called the vet yesterday - the soonest appt we could get was for today.

The assistant that helped us today was the one that helped us with Toby the whole time we were going with him. She was so sweet and I told her how much it meant to us that she was there when Toby went to heaven (she even cried with us :( ) Anyway, she took Allie's temp and said - "Her skin is yellow." I thought was being an overprotective furmommy - but it turns out that Allie is jaundice.

The vet told me that it's possible that Allie might have a fatty liver because she is overweight. He said that it is possible she stopped eating because she was depressed and that caused her body to take that fat that is stored and transfers it to the liver somehow. I am not doing very good explaining it well because I barely understand it and really it was the last thing I thought I would hear a little over the week after we said goodbye to Toby.

She was hydrated under the skin, given some antibiotic and we were sent home with some meds and special food for her. Getting food in her is really important right now to get the liver back to working. They also did some blood work of which we will have results on tomorrow. I am praying and hoping for good news.

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