Thursday, July 17, 2008

Miss Allie Update

Allie has seemed to have an epiphany of sorts because it's like she beccame a different cat seemingly overnight. I'm not sure if was because the anitibiotics she was on are now done or if it's because we have a mouse in our house again and she's been on the hunt....but whatever it is she is doing SO much better. I have not had to syringe feed her at all since Tuesday because she is eating on her own. I do have to put her in front of her bowl from time to time, but she is eating normally now :) She also purred last night for the first time in weeks while I pet seems our kitty has returned! :)

With Allie getting well, I have had some new found energy and started getting creative again. I have gone a little crazy making signatures for myself and friends of mine. I also revamped the look of my blog :)

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