Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Kian Update

This blog is supposed to be mainly about Kian so I decided to pop in a post on him detailing what's been happening with him over the last month or so.

Kian started Tae Kwon Do last month. He has really enjoyed it so far and has doing really well to taking instruction and listening. It's been helpful to him in many ways and I feel like it's building his confidence. I'm sure he likes the stickers and candy that the teachers shower on the kids afterwards too ;)

Kian also is a budding soccer champ! A few of my cousins on my dad's side of the family were/are very good at soccer and I keep telling Jamie that I must have had a recessive gene for that which was carried down to Kian. (Jamie says he almost has my cousin Dan's hair nailed down now that we are spiking it and it's pretty long right now lol!) Since Kian was very small he has done well kicking and now dribbling the ball. A few weeks ago was his first soccer class. They are working on the very, very basics - mainly following instructions and using your feet no hands and such. Kian is so stinkin' cute! He will be even cuter now that he has the shin guards, socks and little soccer jersey and pants to match ;) Don't worry, I will have pictures later.

We also started the reading program at the library and started attending story time, which Kian really has enjoyed so far. He loves picking out new books...although he does judge a book by it's cover and mom has to steer him toward ones she thinks he will like best ;) We just read one called Dog Heaven (was a suggestion from one of my friends on a message board) - what an amazing book about what dogs do in heaven and how God and angels love on them...and that they get to come and visit us when they want....kinda got me choked up a bit reading it to him.

I also recently discovered that the Regal cinema in the town over offers free movies on Wednesday mornings so Kian and I went to that. It was a good way to start the day and get out of the house - especially since it's too hot to really do much outside :P

We have had a pretty eventful summer so far (good and bad), but I think we will really enjoy the rest as we see Kian grow and progress.

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