Saturday, July 05, 2008

Settling into a New Normal

Exactly one week ago today we said goodbye to our Toby. We have given his things to friends who have dogs and kept a few things that were just too hard to part his bone (which he LOVED), his color and leash, and his dog bowl with his name on it.

Kian has had a few moments of tears off and on this week and when asked why he was upset he would say he misses Toby. It seems to be at the times that would normally do things for him that we miss him the most. The latest for myself was when Kian didn't finish his carrots with lunch and I wanted to put the rest in Toby's dish for him...he loved carrots.

It really is surreal that he is gone. It all happened so fast and he was a healthy, older dog in general. We miss him loads but are so glad that he is at rest and no longer suffering.

It has been a hard week on all of us in general. All last week our downstairs had holes in it with lots of noise from the plummer re-routing our pipes. Kian and I camped out upstairs to stay out of the way (and really, everything was moved around so there was nothign really do down there anyway). He stayed entertained well until the last day...thank GOD it was the last day! So now, our house is back in order and you really can't even tell anything was done besides the fact that some of the areas need paint. We plan to do some new colors when our budget allows.

Yesterday we celebrated the 4th of July with some friends who had a BBQ. We went to see Kung Fu Panda and then afterwards watched the fireworks from on top of the parking structure downtown. Kian wasn't as into as I thought he would be but we were pretty far off fromt he show...enough to see it well but I think that next year we are going to go to the festival in town. Kian did have a good time and did fairly well despite staying up several hours past his bedtime.

Today we are taking it easy. Jamie and Kian are playing Lego Star Wars together on the 360 and I am just dinking around on my computer. It's so good to have our family all together this weekend and to focus on positive, relaxing things.


Kathleen said...

I want to see Kung Fu Panda. I'll wait for it to come on video or else I'll need to borrow someone's kid to take :-)

Sarah said...

HA! If you lived closer you could borrow mine ;) He would LOVE to go for a third time :)