Sunday, August 10, 2008

Growing Pains

I guess it's time for Kian to do some more sprouting! This week Kian has had what seems to be either two lunches and/or dinners in one sitting! He will finish his food and keep asking for other things to eat!

This weekend we were going to head to the Stride Rite outlet for some new tennis shoes for him, but we are holding off now until this spurt seems to be over so we don't have to go back again lol

With every growth spurt some the cranks. I don't mind the sleeping more. I don't mind feeding him more of trying to find more healthful things for him to consume. But I do mind the cranks. There is no reasoning with a child with a case of the cranks. And really, the only cure for it seems to be an early bed time. Although, the symptoms will return the following day, most likely. I am hoping that if the cranks return tomorrow, that "resting" in his room will help - not only him but my sanity lol

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