Friday, August 29, 2008

We Officially have a BIG BOY in our house!!!

Goodbye pull-ups....HELLO BIG BOY who has been keeping his bed dry for the last week!!! The first night he kept his underware dry Jamie and I took him to pick out something special to celebrate!!! He picked out Cranky to go with his Thomas the Train collection as well as Gordon the train.

Our BIG Boy is also gearing up to head off to his new preschool! Kian and I are going on Friday to meet his new teacher and see his classroom, where he will put his things and what not. I am SO excited for him and bit nostolgic at the same time...i'm getting kinda sad that I will be losing my sidekick during the day. I know I will enjoy the time he's in school to do things that are easier done when I am on my own...but at the same time I know I will miss him! What the heck am I going to do next year when he's in school every day! Guess just do a whole lot of missing!

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